Born in Detriot,Michigan Luke was always singing or banging on something to some beat or kidding around doing stunts and dreaming up ideas and promotions for others. Luke 's life has always had something going on connected to the entertainment world rather it be performing playing drums in bands in clubs, concert halls, recording studios, going on the road with other performers,or working as a promoter and talent agent he has loved every minute of it. From the day he appeared on the stage of the famous Hollywood Palladium his career has been varied. Over his 45 years in media,entertainment and in the motion picture and television industry he has worked in many capacities and even as an Advance man  for a Vice President of the United States and several Senators. From his  experience on the film set of "What Did You Do In The War Daddy" to representing some of the biggest organizations in Hollywood he has always been doing something he enjoyed. One of his greatest accomplishments was serving as Vice President of the City of Los Angeles Film Board and assisting in reorganizing the laws affecting the industry by setting up the California Film Commission. Over his time working in the entertainment business he has met actors, producers and well known personalities like the
late Robert Stack, Joanne Woodward and her late husband Paul 
Newman, Clint Eastwood, Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone. 
Perry always has stories to tell how he met some of the best and
listened to them talk about the business.  Luke told his friends 
he never became personal friends with many, but he learned a 
lot in his Hollywood days and since he moved to Las Vegas over 
25 years ago has been on a life long vacation surrounded by work in the publishing, gaming and entertainment business and even a little politics along the way. He even said he tried to retire, but found a need in the veterans community and in the end woke up to find himself using internet technology to fight for issues for those that fought for the country. Because of that he became more interested in the world of publishing on the internet and ended up doing a show on internet radio and live content for TV for the last three years. As a former Producer and Co-Host of a local variety news and entertainment show Luke Perry saw a need to pull together many who wanted to  promote and grow with their work on the internet, so Luke said here I am again doing my own program along with others and creating a network of solid talented people who will offer content people  will enjoy. My goal is to promote all who want to be involved as we create the PNLASVEGAS. This will be a network of personalities who have stories to tell and  also some of our newest performers making news as they build careers.